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You and Yours Correct Behaviour Department
Our flagship "corrective" programme is You and Yours, where anyone on the wrong side of politics is brought to book. It is a safe haven for left wing and liberal pressure groups, NGOs, charities and some chosen politicians. The only time a commercial organisation will appear is when they get a dressing down. The programme's hectoring and finger wagging style has impressed BBB so much that the programme's remit has recently been extended to enforce all our policies and lately to enforce PaCoJo instruction.

1. Before the You and Yours Correct Behaviour Department (YoYoCoB Department) was formed, BBB had its liberal and leftist outlook through the sheer numbers of like minded souls that had joined the organisation. Now, this trend can be institutionalised through the good work of the YoYoCoB Department.

2. The importance of correction and enforcement cannot be over stated. There was a time when BBB actually supported the Thatcher government and took some trouble in denigrating past labour leader Michael Foot and even Neil Kinnock. Yes, just as we were instrumental in Tony Blair's election success, and the downfall of John Major, it was BBB, above all other organisations, that gave Thatcher her big break. There were many in our organisation - now either departed or brought back into line - who "bought" the loony left line from the right wing newspapers and actually wanted to "see what Thatcher could do".

3. Nowadays, of course, Cameron is one of us, but we must always be on our guard as there are other forces still out there that hold views that are incorrect. These include The UK Independence Party (UKIP), The English Democrats and the General Public. It is important to consider that if we were once more of a right-of-centre institution that was persuaded to move left, then the same thing could happen in reverse. The YoYoCoB Department and this college is design to stop any such trend in its tracks.

4. If any of your reports are found to be "off message", you will be counselled by YoYoCoB. The severity of counselling will depend on the indiscretion that had led you here in the first place. Serious problems will be dealt with by a Winifred Robinson nagging and moaning for up to 1 hour whilst wagging her finger and shaking her head simultaneously