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The Guardian and Us
Without the BBB The Guardian would probably not exist. We advertise it daily on various BBB outlets, featuring their editorial staff and columnists. Nearly half of our recruitment advertising in UK newspapers is spent on The Guardian. What do we get in return? What we get is a print version of the BBB. The Guardian has the same liberal/lefty outlook as we do. We need to support this as much as we possibly can. And remember, when election time brings extra restrictions to our coverage, The Guardian does not need to follow any such restrictions. This is another string to our bow.

1. Many of our staff are close buddies with Guardian staff

2. Our leader, Kev ("the government probably knew...") Pinky has decreed that The Daily Mail and The Sun are "wrong" newspapers. They are punchy, gobby, misguided and opinionated. The Daily Mirror is on the left, but it is not liberal or posh enough and the rest are too right wing or can't be trusted

3. We have an incestuous relationship with The Guardian. We not only recruit through its situations vacant columns, we also recruit from the journalistic staff as well. This is a two-way affair, with many BBB journalists and back room staff going in the other direction.


Please note that this web site does not represent the BBC in any way