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The Miner's Strike 1984
The 1984 Miner's Strike was a pivotal moment in BBB's history. Many that would have entered left wing politics realised that that particular game was up and, instead, joined us here at BBB. Some say infiltrated. We do not approve of this phrase as it is stereotypist.

1. The Miner's Strike was sparked off by Thatcher's desire to break the unions. This must be true as it is depicted in a BBB play about this subject. Any other so-called facts are, in fact, fiction. All of your journalistic work and appearances must go towards reflecting this fact (not the fact that the fact is fiction and the fiction is fact, but the facts themselves (albeit fictionalised))

2. It is important to consider that not all miners were supporters of Arthur Scargill. Your work should continue to idolise the miners themselves but to make only the briefest mention of Scargill himself. We hope to rehibilitate Scargill at some time in the future as we have done with Tony Benn, Bill Clinton and Fidel Castro. He is still a way down the rehab list, behind George Galloway and the Animal Rights Movement.

The Miner's Strike

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