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February 2007

Loser Language....Flawed Ranting.....

Our esteemed leader - the man who runs PaCoJo - has finally cracked. Kev ("the government probably knew...") Pinky is seething. "Bigots!. They're all bigots! I hate 'em, I hate 'em I do! Bigots! I'll rant on that blog, that's what I'll do!."

At this point Kev started mumbling about WMD and Gilligan, as he does in times of great stress and banged away, typing furiously. "Littlejohn - you're for it!"

As he typed, the electric anger flowed through his body out of his fingertips. As the force that had welled inside him for so long was being released, he felt exhilaration - almost hysteria. Eyes red and bulging, he launched into a fit of manic laughter, typing ever more furiously. "The Sun....Littlejohn...letter bomb...gangsters! Flawed reporting! Loose language!....."

Then it was over almost as soon as it had begun. Without as much as 10 second proof-read he glared at his bemused colleagues, bulging eyes staring at no-one in particular, with his finger on the enter button he sneered: "Publish", and hit the button.

By now, mentally and physically exhausted, the anger was all but spent. But he was a broken man. Rising from his chair, he sighed and wiped his soaking brow. As he walked out of the room from an audience of wide open mouths, he muttered "not the job of the BBB take sides?...sort of..."  He laughed ironically, as he slipped away, his voice wilting and fading as he repeated..."sort of... sort of..."

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