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February 2007

Going Soft....

You may have thought we had gone soft on the Tories, especially as we have been giving them an easy time lately, and especially as we recently have let David Cameron have favourable lead stories on more than one occasion (once for a whole day). This is unheard of at the BBB. Nobody could imagine a favourable BBB story going out about Major, Hague or Howard, so why the change? There are two reasons. Firstly, the Tories have now been rehabilitated - they are BBB-friendly. They finally got the message: liberal presentation (and hopefully liberal policies) are the only ones that will find favour here at the BBB.

There is a second reason. You may find us putting in a word for UKIP and even the dreaded BNP. We will also highlight some of the lesser parties such as The English Democrats. No, we haven't gone lala. This is all about divide and rule. The Right are all over the place. Some want to keep the Union, others want an independent England. Some are anti EU, others are EU-sceptic. By featuring as many of them as we can, we can deliver a fragmented and scattered vote across all of these parties, allowing our Gordon to carry on.

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