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December 2010

Deadly Question

Putting out a one-sided message is easy. Just follow these instructions:

1. In order to appear unbiased, ask yourself a question that our opponents would ask. For instance, is the UN the right forum to deal with climate change? (try using a dramatic word like 'deadly' if discussing climate change).

2. Include contributors who will support our BBB point of view. This gives credence to your conclusions.

3. Finally, answer you own question. For example: yes, the UN is the right forum to deal with climate change

This way, we can have reports filed on news programmes that have virtually no news value but, instead, re-enforce our left wing values. As a bonus, see if you can include a call to action. Remember, the goal is to make our opinions self-fulfilling prophecies. For example, plant the idea in listener's minds that they should start to take local action on climate change.

A perfect example is here, from the tearful cheerful Barbara Platt (27 minutes in)

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