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February 2007

Conspiring for Obama....

You will know that we have a launched our campaign for the election of Senator Barack Obama as the next U.S. President. We know our influence in the U.S. is tiny, but by planting a few acorns now, we may find that we can punch above our weight.

Some at BBB are not happy with us plugging the conspiracy theory about the U.S. being responsible for 9/11. They think we have gone too far and that our work in eating away at the U.S. administration is being undermined. After debating this internally we have come to the conclusion that to appeal to the liberals in the U.S. is not enough. More and more U.S. liberals and lefties are consuming our output. This is great, but we are preaching to the converted and this will not give us the influence we need.

Although the 9/11 conspiracy is nonsense, we feel that this kind of output will appeal more to the masses. It will give us a better presence on the web - on YouTube, for instance - and will counter all those anti-BBB rants that we see on there. It will also mean that some people outside of the liberal set in the U.S. will actually believe the conspiracy. This may do more to undermine the Republicans than any of our more intelligent U.S. offerings.

So, as well as the usual nudge-nudge comments from Justin Webb and Matt Frei which we must continue with, we have decided to take a more crash-bang approach. Is the process of publicising the rumour that the current U.S. administration is responsible for the deaths of thousands of its own people the lowest we can sink to? No! We can sink lower still! If this works, we can find some even more crazy conspiracies to hit them over the head with. Well, there are no shortage of them on the internet. We can create the smoke, even though there is no fire.

This is another nail in the Republican coffin that we can be justly proud of and another step towards having Obama as President.

Now, did anyone see Margaret Thatcher near the twin towers on 9/11?....

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