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January  2011

Caught Red Handed? Giggle like a Girl.......

There is a book out by Peter Oborne and Frances Weaver for the Centre for Policy Studies claiming we were being biased in favour of the UK joining the Euro in year 2000.

What us?

There are a lot of "I told you so's" coming out of the woodwork these days. This chap even has documented evidence of our biased pro-Euro coverage. As such we have obviously been caught red handed.

However, never fear. When we have no defence whatsoever the procedure is to giggle like a girl. James Naughty and John Humphries give a perfect rendition of giggling and then rapidly changing the subject on the Today programme just before 9am on 23rd Sept 2011.

Remember, whether we have been caught out campaigning against spending cuts, or have been caught promoting the Euro: Giggle loudly - change the subject

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