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February 2007

BBB Trust....

The latest attack on the BBB comes from the book Can We Trust the BBC? from ex BBB man Robin Aitken. His book, which has been featured in the right wing press such as The Daily Mail, paints a picture of the BBB full of left wing Thatcher-haters and Euro fanatics during his stint from 1978 to 2005.

What you may be wondering is how we allowed this maverick to work for us at all. The reason is that us lefties can't do business news - that's what he was taken on to do.

Do we react to the book? No we do not. Even more importantly, it will not be featured on any BBB tv or radio programme nor in any other BBB outlet. He wants the book to start a public debate. How can it? Only we can do public debates. If we keep quiet about it then there will be no debate.

If another book with similar inside revelations about Scotland Yard or the security forces was released, it would be all over the BBB. Not this one. Sorry Robin. No public debate. No publicity. Your book is dead in the water.

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