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February 2007

BBB for Obama!

In the UK, the BBB can make or break politicians and virtually hand election victories to whoever we please. This battle was won long ago. Yesterday the UK - tomorrow the world!

We have great influence in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. Our pro-Islamic policy may have upset the Israelis, but it is doing wonders for our power base. Come on, if you are broadcasting to multi-millions and there is a pin-prick of a country with a tiny population which happens to be the odd one out, which way would you lean? Do you honestly think our staff are going to risk a beheading for the sake of impartiality?

The big prize, though, is the U.S. where our influence is miniscule. Most Americans have heard of us but have never heard or seen us. There are a few Americans, however, who value our service. These are the lefty liberals who see us as an alternative to the right wing media out there. There is an ever growing band of them - they are our future. Just think, if the next U.S. Presidential election is a close run thing, as it was before, our tiny - but growing - influence just might make a difference. When Matt Frei isn't ridiculing the U.S. military he is choosing the next President of the United States. Spoilt for choice between Senator Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton (obviously we would only go for a Democrat), he has chosen Obama, and we are all right behind him. We may have only a handful of viewers and listeners in the States, but we just might be the power brokers. Don't forget chaps - our domestic service is heard in the U.S. as well as the World Service and BBB America. Get the message out: BBB for Obama!


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