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News Order
Our editors have a duty to ensure that not only are news stories reported the "BBB way" but that the order of news items in broadcast news programmes reflects our editorial line. Prioritising news items in a news bulletin was at one time a kind of game played between news outlets. Each one would check the others to see if their news priorities were in line. Often an editor would feel less confident running a story high up the order if that story was not given similar status in the other outlets. Things have changed nowadays as broadcast news has become a round-the-clock affair. As we have 50% of broadcast media and have by far the largest broadcasting news department in the UK (and Europe), we set the agenda and we are less reticent about choosing the main stories to run with. Remember also, if we have control of the nation's news agenda, we virtually control everything.

1. We are far in front of our competitors in terms of resource. We have oodles of money and correspondents coming out of broom cupboards. Combine that resource with the fact the we virtually control the news agenda on an hour-to-hour basis (whereas print dailies get one chance per day) and you have a potent force to change the world to our way of thinking. This power means that we can turn just about any news story into a big story just by running it high up the agenda. The print media and other broadcasters will be obliged to give the story prominence after we have worked it for a number of hours.

2. There is no need to be bashful or reticent about running a story that others may not consider newsworthy; there is no need to consult The Journalist's Handbook for approval. Remember, if it does not work at 2pm, you can move it down the order for 3pm. There is nothing wrong with "kite flying" a story if you think it might catch on. Consider the story of a Tory Counsellor who sent a nasty email to a colleague. Is this really more important than cash for honours? Well, in BBB world, at least for a while, it is. Well why not? If we have a chance to have one over on the Tories why not dish the dirt and, at the same time, bury (or at least relegate) other stories along the way?

3. With power comes responsibility. Do not forget the BBB message you are getting across. We are a liberal, left wing socialist multicultural organisation: this is your message; this is your responsibility.

News Order
Editorial Line

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