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The Internet
The internet is a doubled-edged sword. It has helped to build our empire, especially abroad, allowing our liberal, lefty views to reach further afield. The downside is that it also attracts undesirable elements.

1. As part of our charter we have an obligation to consult our audience. This includes receiving tiresome comments on our blogs and Have Your Say platforms. Most contributors can be dismissed as middle aged, hideously white and male, so their comments can be ignored.

2. We are looking into the possibility of "managing" comments so that they come from a more representative sample of the community, whom we shall hand pick.

3. The sheer volume of web site feedback is so great that we may be able to build another empire out of it, with special blog responders, armed with stock answers to frequent groans (e.g. fingers in ears: "la la la la la la. What Balen Report? Who is Robin Aitken?"

4. The upside is that the internet is a valuable tool to spread our liberal message. Not only can we make a difference to UK elections, we can now have an influence on the elections throughout the English-speaking world, even in the U.S.

5. Remember, when you write on the internet you are writing for a global audience, even if it upsets the English (especially those who are middle-aged, white and male).


Please note that this web site does not represent the BBC in any way