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Hijacking the English Language
One thing we like to do at BBB News is to manipulate the English language to our advantage. Over the years we have taken a word or phrase and loaded it directly or through association with all sorts of extreme right wing connotations. By doing this we are gradually making more and more of the English language a no-go area for those on the right.

1. Firstly, find a word or phrase that is associated with the mainstream. It shouldn't have started its life as a right wing term: that's the point, you see: it needs to be an innocuous term with an innocuous meaning

2. Over a period of time, use this term in association with those on the far right of politics. Even better, make a connection to racists and white supremacists. You will need to enlist the help and support of those in BBB Light entertainment. Most performers who appear on BBB are far to the left, so they will be happy to help.

3. The whole process can take many years but the results can be very satisfying with even moderate right-wingers being affected. The proof of the results you can achieve is in the previous sentence. The term "moderate right-wingers" no longer works. A moderate right winger would not dare call themselves a moderate right winger. So, what do they call themselves? Their problem, not ours.

4. The point of the exercise is to nobble as many innocuous terms as possible reducing the words available to our opponents.

5. Words and phrases nobbled in the past include:

TermOld Meaning New Meaning
Little EnglanderThose who want to end the British Empire Those who want to maintain the British Empire
Middle EnglandMiddle ClassLittle Englanders
PatrioticProud of one's countryMiddle Englander
Right WingRight of centre politicsRacists
ToryConservative Nasty Conservative
Oh, and we can also morph left wing terms into more palatable meanings. I doubt if you even noticed how we introduced the ideas of Communism into our output:
Equal Opportunity Parity of life chances Equality (Communism)


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