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European Union
The British public, especially the English, do not trust the EU. This is not surprising as they were given no say on the way it has turned from a trading organisation to a budding federal state. We cannot counter the arguments against membership of the EU. All indicators point the wrong way: apart from the fact that the public were not asked, and the majority disapprove of it, there is the fact the UK is a net contributor to the EU. As we cannot win the argument on any front we must do the next best thing which is ignore to it completely.

1. The EU is a socialist construct. It very much holds our left wing view of the world. As such the BBB and the EU are at one on most issues. Since the Lisbon Treaty the EU has increasingly flexed its muscles. As the UK Parliament gradually (and therefore the people of the UK) give up powers to Brussels it is important the UK public are kept in the dark as much as possible.

2. Report on the EU as if it were an accepted and legitimate organisation

3. If a story reaches such prominence that we are forced to cover it, those against EU membership are to be kept away from the studios and microphones wherever possible. If this is not possible only the mildest critics should be allowed on. If, on a very few occasions the more strident EU-sceptics manage to wiggle their way onto our airwaves or web site, they should be portrayed as eccentric and out of touch with mainstream opinion. The way to achieve this is surround the person with people who hold our views and to finish each piece with a summary that virtually ignores the sceptic arguments.

4. Wherever possible keep discussions about the UK's contribution to the EU vague and fuzzy. Focus on UK projects funded by the EU but try not to allow anybody to draw firm conclusions or do any mathematics on the UK's net contribution.

5. Do not entertain discussions about the difficulties in signing off the EU accounts nor on corruption in the EU.

6. When reporting on EU projects, NEVER dwell on the costs. Try to leave the costs out altogether if possible. Accentuate the positive: if the EU is funding a project in the UK ALWAYS talk of the money that is coming to the UK but never set this against the cost to the UK in the first place.

7. Remember, the transition of power away from the UK people should be silent and unnoticed. As EU power grows we will inevitable see more situations where it is imposing its will over the UK Parliament. Such reports are to be relegated to low priority items. They should be reported in legalistic terms, such as the 'UK may be breaking international law'. We love international law at BBB. It is a Trojan Horse for so many great socialist policies that the UK public would never allow. It allows democracy to be bypassed and lets the EU off the hook as we dwell on the 'law' and not on the power of the EU. It also places the seed in people's minds that the EU is on the right side of the law and the UK Parliament on the other side.

8. Do not allow any mention of EU protectionism and the cost of this to our non-EU exports.

9. We do not receive direct funding from the UK government as this gives us some independence. However we have no such scruples when it comes to EU funding.  Remember that the EU is a source of soft loans and grants to our organisation. Remember that one of the policies of the European Investment Bank (EIB),  the outfit that writes the cheques,  is to  [further] “European integration by promoting EU policies". Please do not bite the hand that at least partially feeds us. This may seem a minor issue but remember that if we fall out with the present Conservative-led government and our funding is significantly reduced, the EIB and the EU may just be prepared to fill the gap.

10. The Euro is a whole different subject. There was a time when we at BBB were enthusiasts and campaigned for membership of the Eurozone while keeping dissenters off the air. We have since heard from our trade union brothers in other parts of Europe who have some sad tales to tell of the effects of the Euro. Our position is therefore in a state of flux and may move further against membership. On this isolated subject some dissent will be allowed. We will be consulting with our Labour Party, Guardian and union brothers before deciding what line to take.

11. If the BBB Trust commission a report that states that we must report voices critical of the EU, stuff 'em. Just say you will do better and then ignore it.

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