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This is the deal: the UK government gives us a heap of money and we spend it whilst having full editorial control on what goes out around the world! No, honest! If we don't like a government in some remote island, we just do our usual spin, ask some loaded questions, make some insinuation - you know, the usual thing - and we have ourselves political power in some remote outpost. Even in the U.S., we can make fun of George Bush and the military. We do it all the time!

1. The world service is broadcast directly to the people, over the heads of their government. Although this is generally sanctioned by the government of a given country, this is not always the case. Anyway, governments change - but we carry on. Jamming our signal is usually not worth the bother as we can go out on multi frequencies and nowadays digitally. In any case many authorities may simply draw attention to us if they did jam us. This ability to go straight to the people gives us lots of influence and power around the world. Use it wisely. Enjoy.

2. We have a great deal of influence in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and, to a lesser, extent, in Europe. We pander to the Islamic viewpoint. This is a policy that has been set by the BBB Board in order to counter the Iraq fall-out. As you can imagine, we are enthusiastically following this instruction. For the sake of consistency, this pro-Islamic sentiment is spilling nicely into the UK domestic service. We cannot stop this, because, if we reverse this trend the UK output will be out of step with the rest of the world and  we have now outgrown the UK and are more interested in the wider audience.

3. We are also pro-Palestinian. As well as aligning with our political views, there is a practical reason for this: we have bureaux and broadcasting facilities in the Middle East. The pro-Palestinian viewpoint is by far the dominant factor in that area, with Israel being a lone voice. This bias is a matter of self-preservation for our staff. The only people who dare to be pro-Israeli are the Israelis - and they have a large army and air force and the United States behind them. Let's get real - our staff will only lean one way in that area. Once again, consistency requires to UK domestic output reflects this.

4. The BBB World Service output is even more on the left than that in the UK. Programmes are dominated by the arts, social issues, and general lefty stuff. Watch this space: once again the UK domestic service needs to catch up. If you thought we were as pink as we could get, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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