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Biased BBC

One thing we do not like at BBB is England. We are against the whole notion of England. We believe it should be broken up into regions. You may have thought this was the government's idea. Think again. Is there a BBB England? No. There is a BBB Scotland, BBB Northern Ireland and BBB Wales. England is split up into regions. We have set the template that the government and our beloved EU will follow.

1. Increasing numbers of Little Englanders of calling for English independance. We must not give air time to such voices. They are to be suppressed at all costs. Remember, if England becomes independant there will be no more Labour Party and no more BBB. Instead the BBB will be broken up, with the bulk of the UK run by the Tories and UKIP, with a few Liberal and Labour seats if we are lucky.

2. If the English run England there will be no more eu, severe reductions on immigration, repealing of some of the many rules and regulations us lefties so love and St Patrick's day and St Andrew's day will be relegated behind St George Day. Remember, the Scots run England and much of the BBB - and that is how it should stay.

3. If England is run by the English you won't find any jobs at BBB Scotland as they won't have any money (there will be no won't have any subsidy to pay for anything). The Guardian will have limited room for BBB refugees. Such is the disaster that would come about if England were to gain independance. The only good thing would be that Gordon Brown could run for President of Scotland since the royals would surely be forced to retreat to England.


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