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The British Empire
No amount of apologising can be enough to make amends for the imposition of the British Empire on a quarter of the world's civilisation. Every tv and radio programme we make on the subject amounts to an apology, but still this is not enough. We also use news reports and documentaries and even light entertainment to get over the message that we are sorry. The BBB is a multicultural organisation and is a model for our wider society where the culture that started the British Empire has been so diluted that it is losing its own identity. We want the UK to be a safe haven for all those migrants who - in the main - come from ex British colonies. As well as weakening native British blood, they perform the role of the ghosts from our wicked past that haunt us and remind us of the slavery, the theft and the sterilization of countless cultures around the world. What we imposed upon others is being visited onto us.

1. Every piece of journalism you submit about the British Empire must include a reference to slavery

2. All journalism about the British Empire must paint it as being cruel and dictatorial

3. Remember our famed leading question tactic. Use leading questions wherever possible, such as those we posed on the BBB mini website that showcased This Sceptred Isle (BBB Radio 4). "Was the Empire the biggest example of international asset stripping the world has ever seen?" the piece says. "Was it built on cruel slavery?" - it drives the dagger in. These are the kind of leading questions that we need. Notice the adjective "cruel". Not necessary, perhaps, but adjectives employed in leading questions can be powerful and send the right message and still leave us claiming to be independent, at least technically. Another technique is to reverse the polarity of the argument. "Did the British Empire do anything good?" works just as well if told in sneering way or with a half-chuckle, rather like Matt Frei and Justin Webb sneer and half-chuckle when talking about the Americans (the latest Empire).


The British Empire
1984 Miner's Strike

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