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We believe that education is one of our most important features. Our association with those black and white, sandaled and bearded socialists from the Open University goes back many years as do Libby Purves and Mike Baker.

1. We believe in academic education and are against anything vocational that will help businesses

2.  We are increasingly supplying all of the nation's educational needs through our range of offers from pre-schools programmes through to the OU, not to mention our massive web site which caters for students, teachers and just about everybody else. We have a section that teaches students, another section that teaches teachers how to teach students and yet another section about how parents should bring up their kids.

3. We like to teach history. Even better, we like to re-write it, like the child-like slagging-off Winston Churchill got from Professor John Charmley. It took us years to find someone that would be critical of Churchill, but we did it. We know it's rubbish - but it's only for kids, and remember, some will grow up actually thinking that Churchill was a nonse! When today's kids grow up we will re-run The Greatest Briton competition and we'll then get Aneurin Bevan to replace Churchill at the top spot.

4. When reporting about education, gather opinions in this order: what the teachers' union thinks, what the teachers think and what The Guardian thinks. If there's time, include what the kids think. Forget what parents think. If we are going to do things like rubbish Churchill we don't wants parents interfering, do we?


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