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BBB Drama
Our Current Affairs output is well supported by BBB Drama department. Virtually all of our drama output has a left wing message, either overtly or covertly. If you have a story to put across but are concerned that it will attract criticisms of bias, just let our colleagues in the Drama department know and they will be to happy to include it in a story line. This is not only possible in plays where politics is a major theme. It can also be done with apolitical dramas, where covert messages can be inserted into the script. Spooks is an example where overt left wing political messages were used. Waking the Dead and Robin Hood are examples where hidden messages were used. Although blatant use of political messages must not be overdone, in times when it would make a real difference, we may need to run the risk. An example was the drama Faith. When this was broadcast, in 2005, our news and current affairs output was severely restricted by election rules. However, Faith managed to get our message across spectacularly and must have swung many votes away from the Tories.

1. You may be surprised at how much left wing material we can broadcast without regulators causing a fuss. Remember that many in right wing politics, including the rank and file, will often not be consumers of drama and comedy, especially that which is aimed at younger audiences.

2.  If you have a message that is "too hot" for normal news or current affairs output, you can be assured of a platform using drama. Generally, political theories and philosophy can be inserted into most drama - even comedies. If you have some specific gossip about a right wing figure that you cannot substantiate, it is recommended that you use a satirical comedy show such as Have I Got News For You in order to fly the balloon


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