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Treat all northerners as you would the rest of us. They are essentially no different to anybody else. We even have some northerners working at BBB. Watch how they behave - you will see that you have nothing to fear. Our regional colleagues are even broadcasting from the northern reaches.

1. BBB has put considerable effort into building up the miner's strike as a romantic struggle against an oppressive regime. It is important that any work you do in this area supports this theme. Any views that could be construed to be against strikes are considered by the You and Yours Correct Behaviour Department as strikist.

2. The You and Yours Correct Behaviour Department  has since put together some pointers in how to deal with northerners in order to avoid regionalistism

(i) Do not try to be clever and talk about sheep dips and whippets. Northerners nowadays are modern people. They have the internet, sometimes referred to as t'web in Yorkshire, or even the quaint term t'internet. In our bid to move away from white middle class southerners, you may benefit from our Talk Northern classes.

(ii) When compiling news programmes, always include a token story from the north, even if the story needs to be conjured up from a mishap with a copper kettle on a stove or a hapless chief constable. You may wish to weave in the fact that the Tories have very few seats "up north" and also include a sentence with the words "coal mines" and Mrs Thatcher. This will give your story historical perspective and a local flavour.

(iii) An example of a good news report from "up north" is where land developer Tarmac extended a quarry close to an ancient monument near Thornborough Henges in North Yorkshire. The bulk of the story is given to the protesters against the quarry, whilst the developer is given a sentence or two. This is Hollywood stuff: the good little people of Yorkshire against the mighty middle class white people from the developer. Don't worry about claims of bias from the developer - they'll never be given the airtime to moan.

(iv) Although they deny it, we believe that northerners are very interested in the events that occur in London. So, if there are often traffic jams in Notting Hill, then northerners will want to know about it. If you are in a talk show with a couple of journalists from The Independent and The Guardian why not all have a cosy chat about red routes or traffic wardens? They will love it in Halifax.


Talk Northern

Please note that this web site does not represent the BBC in any way