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Partial College of Journalism Front Page - British Biased Broadcasting

We at BBB (British Biased Broadcasting) are aware that the standard of our journalism needs not only to be at the highest levels, but must be kept "on message". We acknowledge that the amount of information we need to impart is virtually limitless and therefore our work is never done. Reflecting this fact, we decided to call this the Partial College of Journalism (or PaCoJo for short)


Not only should we keep trawling for misery stories about public spending cuts, we should also work closely with our Labour allies for ways of increasing spending.

The golden rule always is to accentuate the positive when it comes to spending increases. NEVER allow any reference to where the money is coming from.

Taxpayers; borrowing from future generations; more quantitive easing eroding everyone's savings and pensions. Whatever the source, ignore it.

For an example, look at this wonderful campaign we devised with our Labour friends on a slow news day.

Notice the implicit call for more funds. Notice also how we deal uncritically with Labour. Not an ounce of negative coverage from us!

The masterstroke, however, is to trawl for horror stories from the public where they complain of high care costs for their elderly parents. Notice that at no point do we ask them why THEY are not paying for their parents care. No. We want big government. We want a Labour government.

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